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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why do we still have conflict within HOA communities? « HOA Constitutional Government

George Stropoli has been fighting for homeowner rights for a very long time--here is his blog--I do hope that we are able to stop using our homes and property as collateral here in Hideaway with some type of prohibition in the new covenants! People don't realize that they hock their homes and land when they buy into Hideaway--read George's commentary--it will enlighten you.

Why do we still have conflict within HOA communities? « HOA Constitutional Government: "Such education by CAI educated groups focuses on how to live within the oppressive regulations and covenants of the authoritarian HOA regime. Homeowners are told this is the law, and there is no mention of the injustice and loss of rights resulting from living in an HOA. This form of “education” reminds me of the mandatory totalitarian indoctrination classes designed to influence the mindset of the masses, and especially of the children.

For example, homeowners are not told that they have unknowingly pledged their homes as collateral in order for the undemocratic, authoritarian HOA regime to survive. Just stop paying your assessments, or try to put them in a trust fund while waiting to resolve a dispute with the HOA, and see what happens."

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