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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is it time for the season to change?

I've been to a few meetings and would like to invite all owners to get active, or sell your property because Hide-a-way is going to be park city south with expensive assessments and angry neighbors.


It has been very interesting to read comments from other owners like Louise and
Terry. I appreciate their getting involved.

As the seasons change so should the board.

I'm not sure Rick really thought about his answer to Vivian, if it was his wife working to make a difference would he tolerate that kind of behavior toward his wife or family. If so am I or my family safe to be in Hide-a-way Valley.

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  1. Rick, for the most part has concentrated on roads and made some insightful comments regarding how the members should be protected. He doesn't usually participate in the day to day operations as he is so far away and can't make all the meetings--but he has worked hard on the roads with Roy. I was frankly shocked at his response to Vivian and another response he made to the member site in general "If this is the way you think you can kiss it"

    We've always rather thought of Rick as neutral on the internal conflicts or leaning on the side of member's rights.

    I don't udnerstand his recent attitude and can only hope he was having a bad day or simply doesn't udnerstand what members are getting at.

    No, he would not allow Mila to be treated the way he seems to be treating Vivian and other members. But lets give him the benefit of the doubt and see how he responds at the next meeting.


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