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Monday, March 28, 2011

Be A Good Neighbor- Responsible Pet Ownership

Hi All, We have lived in Hideaway Valley for almost 4yrs. Those of you who have gotten to know me, know that I am a passionate person when it comes to my animals. I work very hard to be responsible and do not expect everyone to share my beliefs or my passions. However I do expect people to RESPECT other peoples property, by keeping their dogs on THEIR property! I am writing this with regards to the problem of stray dogs here in our community. Years ago people were quick to say they were a certain persons dogs who lived within our community, but he no longer lives here nor do his dogs. I have had major issues lately with dogs coming onto my property harrassing my dogs. These are NOT stray dogs, I have watched them run home to their yards after I have chased them off my yard. I know where they live, I know they are not current on vaccines, and many are not spayed/neutered. I have thousands and thousands invested in my dogs, my dogs are all current on vaccines by a licensed veterinarian, they are all dewormed monthly, microchipped, current on heartworm prevention and most importantly CONTAINED. They do not leave my property without me being with them. I know that many people do not take the time or spend the money to care for their animals properly here. Many are not vaccinated, nor are they spayed/neutered. This transmits disease, parasites and adds to the stray problem. Rabies is not only an animal issue, but it is an issue that concerns the safety of humans as well. It is required by law that any dog/cat over 4mo of age be vaccinated for rabies. I have had major issues with a wolf/husky mix wearing an orange collar coming onto my property trying to get INTO my kennels to attack my dogs. This dog was responsible for killing a pomeranian last summer. I also know this dog chases horses and harrasses goats at a neighbors. I have made numerous attempts to contact the owners, as I know where this dog lives. Another dog- female black lab mix comes over here constantly, following cars, coming over to play with my dogs. This dog is not vaccinated for rabies and is also not spayed. Another dog- black tricolored Australian Shepherd, who chases the school bus, cars and also comes onto my property to defecate is also an owned dog. People do not realize that even if a dog is vaccinated, it can still carry diseases and having these dogs come onto my property puts my CONTAINED animals at risk. Rabies is also not only a concern for animals, but for humans too, and with the wildlife around here, it is something we should all be concerned with. Unless those of you allowing your dogs to run free would like to pay to replace my dogs should they get injured, or killed from your negligence, or if you would like to be sued should your dog bite one of my children, I suggest you keep them CONTAINED on YOUR property. It is not just a common courtesy issue, it is a legal liability and a safety issue. I am well within my rights to protect my home, property and family (including my animals) should people not keep their dogs on their property, they will be shot on sight should they come onto mine. Be a good neighbor, do not expect someone else to deal with your animals. I do not want them here, it is NOT my responsibility to call you when they show up, nor is it my responsibility to clean up after them. Please vaccinate your dogs, please spay and neuter to help keep them home, and please keep them on YOUR property!!!!! Melissa Zobell