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Monday, November 10, 2014

Citizens for Constitutional Local Government

I just love this lawyer--one of the few who stands up for our rights-you might wnat to subscribe to his blog--remember, our attorney, Peter Harrison is presdient of the CAI in Utah which is well described on this blog. You shoudl get to know what and who they are and who they REALLY represent.

Citizens for Constitutional Local Government:

The CEO of Starbucks visited West Point, the US Military Academy, where he saw three words over and over again: Duty, Honor, Country.   He told Meet The Press this morning that if Congress and the White House adopted these principles America would be a better America.  I believe if CAI adopted these principles as it public policy America would be a better America. I believe by adopting these principles the alleged purpose as advertised by CAI to build vibrant and healthy communities could be achieved.

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