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Friday, May 10, 2013

What I Learned About Living In An HOA

This is a guest post by Nila Ridings in Ohio. She is working with Ward Lucus, Author of "Neighbors at War." Nila and Ward are starting a grassroots movement to put some common sense into HOA law.We'll keep you posted.

Telling the truth is not okay as a member of an HOA.
All of my neighbors are my business partners.
Not all board members are honest, nice, reasonable or intelligent.
HOA contracts are one-sided...always on the board's side.
I needed to set aside $600 per month for attorney bills.
Board member power can turn a silver-haired retiree into a Nazi.
Stress from living in an HOA destroys good health and the quality of life.
It is a myth that HOAs preserve property values.
When I signed the HOA purchase, I signed away my US Constitutional Rights.

I've paid a tremendous price for this education and my conscience tells me I must share it. In the same way I would warn another driver about a rock slide around the blind curve on a mountain road, I wish to warn my fellow Americans of the dangers and devastation that awaits them lurking behind the guise of the homeowners association where their “dream home” sits.

The jig is up with the HOAs. Everyday, it seems more embezzlement is exposed. The time has come for us to hold hands, ban together, and let our legislators hear our pleas for help.

Nila Ridings