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Monday, January 25, 2010

Learn to Appreciate your POA Trustees

Here is a really good article about dealing with your HOA--tip number nine tells us to appreciate our board:
Top ten tips for dealing with your HOA: Relationships: "Learn to appreciate your board, as long as it is full of people who care. Many times the board members are there to help you resolve problems and to fix things for the best of the community. These people do not get paid for their positions, they simply volunteer what time they have to serve you and your community."
Let's let this current board know how much we appreciate the things they do for us--

* They do not curse in meetings
* They do not come to meetings drinking before or during
* They keep a schedule for both member meetings and board meetings, making it easier to plan to participate in our association business
* They do not have outbursts and throw tantrums and walk out of meetings without finishing business
* They do not threaten to quit every time they are frustrated
* They use agendas and stick to them
* They send clear informational communications,
* This board has all meetings in the open
* These trustees do not get up and make threatening moves to members or threaten to beat up other board members
* This board does not encourage members to verbally attack other members or fellow trustees,
* This board is letting members VOTE on what affects lot owners.
* This board is not sending every little thing to an attorney--costing the association up to $1000 a month--they are using common sense and reading the documents that affects us for themselves

This board understands the trust we have placed in them. Let's let them know how much we appreciate these things they are doing for us!

For all the board members that supported mature and well-run business practices, we thank you--past, present, and future volunteers. You know who you are.

We deeply thank the trustees who resepct us as members. Especially the trustees that respect us when we least deserve it. You are our treasures! We are greateful!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Problems and in Hideaway?

This blog space is being given to a lot owner, Gary Francis, becasue he wants to express himself and felt that the "comments" section on the member to Member site was too restricting. He has some good points and strong feelings about his opinions.

As a new owner I see a lot of issues that really worry me. Proxies from my reading was not designed for 1 to vote for many but to allow a attorney to vote for you. Also I understand some want these dues adjusted because they do not get the same services as some I have written a letter to the board and yet to receive a answer. In my understanding I am responsible for water, sewer and utilities. We all have access to garbage and the roads that are safe to clear are. Then I also hear it's because a lot of the lots are only used as recreation. Who is going to decide who pays what how much you use your property is your choice. I think if everyone payed we could all pay less. Gary Francis #C352