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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rigged elections, fruad, and abuse of HOA members in Vegas

There is a huge sake up and fraud in Nevada's HOAs. Many players have been indicted from lawyers to managers to contractors and board members. 4 people involved have mysteriously died. This drama contains lessons for us all--below is a synopsis and you can click through and read more about it. Why should you care? If you don't stay involved it can happen here. Remember, as simple as ballots are to get right (the guidelines by the state are clear) once again we have a board who couldn't put out a legally correct ballot!
Not that they are "rigging" anything. We don't believe that. But if members allow a board, any board, to play loose with the law, the day comes when some board members do take advantage. THAT is the lesson. Can anyone guess what was not legal about the ballot you received? Please put your answers in the comments and in a few days, if no gets the answer right--we'll let you know. Hint: it's clearly posted in corporation law how to prepare a ballot.

Read and stay involved!
A class-action lawsuit has been filed in District Court against key players in the scheme to take over Las Vegas Valley homeowners associations
Prosecutors have alleged that the scheme involved stacking homeowners association boards with friendly members who would hand out legal work and construction defect contracts at the expense of the associations and their homeowners.

The co-conspirators would find “straw purchasers” to buy condominiums at various developments and get them to run for seats on the boards. The straw buyers would be elected through classic dirty campaign tactics that included forging ballots and digging up dirt on candidates not supported by the co-conspirators.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants “conspired to enrich themselves by fraudulently slandering various class members to win HOA board elections and then further conspiring to vote in favor of litigating various construction defect lawsuits. Read about it here...

the HOA X--a film in the making

"The HOAX" is an independent examination of the abuse of power and lack of regulation in the homeowners' association (HOA) industry; a business whose key selling point is the protection of property values.
The film follows an investigative reporter, homeowners, and HOA reform activists as they illustrate shocking evidence of financial and psychological hardships throughout Texas and Nevada. A few people got really really tired of the insanity and they are making a film! You will relate. to read more about it go to their site. Click here.