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Monday, November 9, 2009

HOA financials

Thanks for the responds, I will get a document ready this week for the next meeting, what would me and wife like to see happen? Well, first, I would like for the board member who don’t follow the Law to leave the board. And I have been looked over the document for the HOA Financial (Since I am a bookkeeper and working for accounting Audit my whole life); there is really not much Detail where the HOA spend our land owner’s money. I am not saying the book is dirty, I am only hoping for all landowner to gain more visibility for the HOA Financials. I have talked with Roy walker with road project on the mountain Hollow drive project, what I understand is he does agreed that road is bad, but there is no money on the yearly base for any road project (That does not sounds like a good Budget planning ),So the question comes : where the money is goes on what project? Is that the money spend on the benefit most land owners or just small group of people? Is that legal for where the money spends on? I do believe HOA Treasure should have the answer for my questions in detail. Visibility on the project and Financial will help all land owners to understand the money we pay goes to what we need (Road EST….) but small group wants (Attorney Fee EST.….). I apologize for anyone who might offend by my comment. Thanks again for Hideaway Member to Member who allows us to posting comment, thank you. Qi Zong

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