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April 30th, 2016. The annual meeting was held at the Wilkerson Student Center @ BYU. Our president Randy Hill opened the meeting with Trust...

Friday, August 28, 2009

”Except to Move, Sue or Stay & Pray what can they do?"

 Here is a great blog about not blaming the homeowner for not getting involved. We bought a piece of recreational property--NOT bought into a political activist group!!! but since we bought in, if we don't participate--the few will rule the roost and charge you for their personal preferences--read this blog--its eyeopening!

Sure, if the homeowners were all alert and become homeowner activists, things could be different... But remember, they bought a HOME, not an enterprise for political activism. Most people just want to live their lives quietly and peacefully and you can't blame them for not rising up. Remember also that many live in constant fear. Even those of us who have chosen to rise up against the evils of the HOA don't get actively involved in most other political struggles.
Blaming the homeowners in their plight is equivalent to accusing a woman that was raped for not being careful or not fighting back. Indeed, she might have saved herself had she been more cautious and aggressive, but she is not the criminal, the rapist is!”

As the discussion progressed, it was pointed out that this was the infamous HOA where Mr. Glassel made front page news for taking a shotgun to the meeting & shooting 3 members of the board. I thought, wouldn’t these homeowners be even more scared to attend the meetings? Wouldn’t they be less likely to be involved? So with this in mind, I ventured to ask…
Read the whole article by licking here

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Contributer

I am contributing to this blog because I am not a happy lot owner in Hideaway Valley. It amazes me what this current board is doing to our valley. I hope we can do something to stop the current board from all the crap they are getting away with...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Violations Can Expose Boards to Lawsuit - Powered by Google Docs

Violations Can Expose Boards to Lawsuit - Powered by Google Docs

This is an interesting article. It seems our board thinks it's OK to violate the by-laws and the Utah Code. I don't get it--what is so hard about following the rules you fought for in the first place?

So, what rules and law are being broken?

1. Duly noticed meetings. Only one board meeting has been noticed on the web site since March 27. Why? Do only the full-time residents deserve notice to meetings? Call the president Jim Taufer and ask him why--his number is on the original web site (which is still there and ready to use but apparently abandoned by someone without a board vote and in violation of our By law 3.7. Roy Walker did have the courtesy to answer an email that the meetings are the third Wednesday's at 6 at the senior center in Fairview--he let us know that noticing the members via the web is up in the air. Tom LeFevre did return a call to state the meeting was this Wednesday.) The tradegy is why members must dance jigs to get information that is rightfully theirs.

2. A collections resolution was signed by two board members--a resolution that should go before the members for a vote in order to comply with the new by-laws we just passed. No one can show us the minutes from a board meeting where this resolution was formally adopted.

3. Communications are sent to the members that have not been presented at a duly noticed board meeting and voted on.

4. Records that are required by law to be given to the members are being denied with no reason given-in fact no communication of any sort. Just denied.

5. The financial records that by LAW have to be sent out 15 days after requested are not being given the members. The board actually will have to pay for attorneys fees, the law mandates this, if a member decides to take it to court and a judge has to enforce compliance with the law--it will cost us all money to force the board to follow the law.

6. They allocated money in the budget for road maintenance and presented a map to the members of the work they intended to do. We voted for it. Now they are doing different work, nice but improvements--not maintenance and not what they said, and it hasn't been voted on in a board meeting. If it is not voted on in a broad meeting, it is not a board action. Since our board is supposed to be running the association, and they are not--who is running Hideaway? Its not the members and its not the board.

7. No one can give us the minutes with the motions and votes to run the association. Who is running the association?

Frankly, I don't think anything sinister is going on--I really don't. I just think it is a personality conflict(s) and that the trustees don't know how to put principles before personalities (some trustees)--Just do what's right according to our documents and not what you think is right when you get a whim about something. Follow the rules. It truly is easy and stop 99% of the contention. I promise.

What do you think? Aren't you happy we elected a board who just simply won't follow the rules? But wait...maybe its not the whole board. We don't know becasue we aren't being invited to the meetings, we can't get the minutes to the meetings, we can't the financial records...


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Collections Resolution

Can anyone tell me when the Board of Trustees voted to approve the resolution we recently received that has so many errors in it? I try to keep up with these matters but find it very difficult to get accurate information from any source. Terry Holzworth

Issues may arise if a Board violates its own governing documents---it looks like our board is having trouble with this...