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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is Monday a good day for the board meeting?

Some members have pointed out that Monday is considered family night for most Mormons. Some feel it is almost as intrusive to have a meeting on Monday as it is on Sunday.

In order to get the mailer out in time for a Nov 21 members meeting, it had to be done almost on an emergency basis. If we had had the meeting as scheduled for Tue, this would not be the case. Since the board missed last week, this had to be done soon and Monday was it!

Another member suggested that it be considered a family thing to learn how our Hideaway government runs. They said, "Bring the kids." That would be a great idea for a family educational experience EXCEPT that our board is not functioning well right now and would not be a good example.

AGAIN--as many reasonable sober people as can, please show up. WE can observe and suggest how to function properly. We can bring our documents and our references and help them look up sections of the by-laws that apply to us. Lets be part of the solution, not the problem...See you Monday at the senior center!

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