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Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday HOA scrooges

Aren't you glad that Hideaway does not have a policy limiting the holiday decorations members can put up?

How long they can keep it up? The first date you can put them up???? Aren't we lucky not to be like so many other associations that dictate every little thing a member can do with their own property. Take a look at a few of the rules other associations have to have shoved down their throats "for the good of all."

We are blessed that we don't have a nasty old scroogey board that tries to make rules about your property and what decorations you can put up and that your neighbors aren't trying to tell you how to live--most associations suffer from the neighbors watning things THEIR way, disregarding your way--but here we pretty much leave each other alone. Granted there are a few busy bodies accusing others of things--mostly untrue...but we pray for them--that they get over themsleves and their superiority complex. Hideaway is a great place and put up thsoe decorations!

Read what others do:

“A hallmark of a shared ownership community is that you give up some of your rights for the good of the community. If there are restrictions involving holiday decorations, including lights and signage, you’re generally bound by them,” says Ryan Poliakoff, co-author of New Neighborhoods: The Consumer’s Guide to Condominium, Co-Op and HOA Living.

Don't be a scrooge with holdiay lighting rules;