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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

COMMON GROUND -- Critical Mass

You have to love these people--so many of them fighting for homeowner rights--many were on boards and became disillusioned--go read the site and see how many peole just want board to work within the rules! here is an excerpt from a long article worth reading

COMMON GROUND -- Critical Mass: "CHORE's Pat Haruff also served on her board—her three-year term only just ended in January—but she actually founded her group three years before seeking election. Why? 'I had a problem with my HOA [in Mesa, Arizona],' she says, blunt and self-deprecating during a 90-minute interview. 'The same old stuff—lack of communication, the secretiveness of the board, the meetings they would not announce, the records when you would ask for something very basic and simple that they would not give you.' The problems didn't stop once she got elected. In February 2003, the month after she was seated on the board, she says, her fellow board members tried to get rid of her because her service as CHORE's president created a conflict of interest. Eventually there were lawsuits, Haruff says, and she won everything—even attorney's fees—and remained on the board."