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Monday, January 30, 2012

Member Involvement in Decision Making

It appears that we are entering another mini-era of conflict about the best way for our Association to manage our affairs. Once again there is disagreement about how to collect delinquent assessments. I have been told that the members approved the Collections Resolution at the members meeting on January 27.

This resolution incorporated by reference an agreement between Fotheringham and Associates and the Association. I have never seen this agreement and believe it is an important peice of information the members should have been able to see before they were asked to vote on this issue. It is likely that the Association will become the owner of many lots by foreclosure for delinquent assessments and legal costs. There will be no one to pay assessments or taxes, leaving the balance of the members with this responsibility through the Association budget and assessments.

Our attorney will need to be paid by the Association in the cases where assessments are not collectible and that payment must come from us.

This issue should be on the agenda at the annual membeship meeting for further discussion.