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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Roy Walker Is still with us.

I want to say how grateful I am that Roy is still with us. I recevied a frantic phone call from someone who was sure the accident victim was him. Then I received another from someone who siad it wasn't--then it was...finally I found the obituary and it was not our Roy Walker in Hideaway Valley but another man from Mt. Pleasant. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=124080100947017&ref=mf  My condolences to that man's family.

You know, we are told to be kind and never leave people with angry words between you--becasue one never knows when you won't see them again. Roy and I have had our differences but we were friends once. Just before this last election, Roy held a get together to share his ideas with folks. I went becasue I wanted to know what he might do differently if he were reelected. Roy made his presentation and at one point he got a little loud so I left.

But to my surprise, Roy followed and asked me to come back in. He wanted to share a few more things with me. He asked if I had seen his flyer on the HVPOA board--I laughed and said "yeah"--I asked if he saw where some one had scribbled that I was a "b***h" and he laughed, "Yes and I tore that down," Roy exclaimed.

"That's funny,"  I replied, "becasue someone had torn your notice down I put it back up!"

And there you have it. Even though we disagreed on many issues and confronted each other with HVPOA business and bullcrap, very loudly at times,  we still believe in each other's right to be wrong and right to have a different opinion. We don't see eye to eye today, Roy is my neighbor, was my friend, and I'm glad he is still with us.