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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Three Trustees resigned and a New Trustee was appointed last night at the Board Meeting. This was a total surprise to me. However, many in the room seem to take the news in stride. Almost as if the news was common knowledge prior to the event. A large number of Members were present and showed remarkable restraint during what proved to be an emotional changing of the guard.

Please read Vivian's full recap of the meeting on the Member to Member site. Click Here


  1. Vivian, thank you for your factual and educational reports of the meetings I have been unable to attend. I think you will be a valuable asset to the board, if not a potential


  2. You people are creating a place where no one is going to want to live or even visit for that matter! Its not that hard to create a board that will do the right thing. The problem is that everyone just wants to argue. No one wants whats right, they want what they want. You have allowed the ones that should be removed to stay. You now have a problem because the three good, honest board members have resigned. Roads were being worked on, Good changes were being made, and these people wanted what was best for the valley, NOT THEMSELVES! Until these rabble rousers in the valley shut their mouths and let things happen the way they should, this will happen over and over. Anonymous

  3. Responding to anonymous: Strange how funny perceptions are. I won't say anything negative about the "the three" you mentioned but I will say a few things about the "rabble rousers."

    Neither of the two "rabble rousers" have ever cussed in a meeting, come to a meeting drinking much less drunk, never threatened another board member, never threatened a lot owner, do not conduct business on their own without conferring with all the other trustees, do not call up lot owners on a smear campaign, do not ignore board resolutions, and spend your money without approval. They manage to remain calm when other board members throw temper tantrums and the rabble rousers try to stick up for your rights while theirs are being trampled.

    They do not constantly repeat untruths so that maybe eventually you'll believe the untruths (tell a lie enough times and suddenly its a fact)or pit member against member by claiming that 2/3rds or more don't pay or are behind on dues and "stealing" from you.

    Yeah they are real rabble rousers those two. They want to follow the proper procedure in the governing documents, save you money, and protect your interests whether you live here or not.

    Perfect? No the rabble rousers are not perfect. They are untrained volunteers just like the three that left. But they are sincere, also like the three who left, and never deserved to be treated in such disrespectful, game-playing, talk-down-to-them ways. I hope our new trustees do not stoop to such "good, honest" ways.

    Aren't perceptions weird?

  4. Glad to see Members expressing themselves on Monday's night's meeting. I expected more comments. The change in the Board affects all of us, and constructive comments and preceptions are welcomed and encouraged.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The old Trustees resigned. They were not forced out of office. It was a personal choice whatever their reasons, the fact is they did it voluntarily.

    The best thing for all of us to do is attend the meetings and participate in the process. Our Association will continue to serve our needs and we will survive a few Trustees’ resignations.

    We still maintain control when it comes to election time. Wait, watch, and pray for those who serve you. Don't fall into the trap of wishing a failure on those who remain. There failure will be our failure, Support their good efforts and give them constructive suggestions when you disagree.

    Keep those comments coming!

  5. This is the first time I have read this so called "member to member" thing. I wanted to see what it was all about. I was really excited for it because I thought it would be a chance to put some ideas out with making our community better but I was blown away with what I've been reading You guys really need to get a life. Quit picking people apart. This is pathetic what people are saying. All of you sound like you're in Junior High or something. Are you really that bored with your life? Go get a job or a new hobby! All I hear is talking people down that are on the board, so and so LIES, so and so is DISHONEST blah blah blah. Seriously, no one is perfect and you guys that leave all these little posts are making things worse. Vivian Kunz? I have no idea who you are...but I'm not too fond of you. You make yourself sound like your are a high mighty person and know how everything is supposed to legally run. If you think you're so macho then prove it. Get on the board and prove yourself. Continue with the roads, get people to pay their dues, etc. I liked what the board had in progress! They had roads starting to be fixed and I know it was going to take time, because we have a budget and we have to work around seasons. Nobody is perfect. I agree with one of the comments above. No one will want to live here. We already have a bad reputation because of all of you that have to create this drama. Grow up! One more thing I noticed with postings are some of you that keep saying people come to the meetings drunk. That is just rude! Quit judging people. You have no right saying that because how do you know if they are sober or not. You are being judgemental and hurting people by saying those kinds of things. It's not right. Didn't your mother teach you to respect others?

    Hideaway Valley Resident

  6. I'm so sorry you feel that people expressing their opinions, concerns and making suggesting for improvement are being judgmental and hurting people. It sounds as if you really want to discredit this site becasue you feel it has hurt those you care about.

    Although people do get hurt feelings, we try to be very careful and insist on respecting each other. As I read through the posts and comments here, I could see you aren't really reading the intent nor do you have the facts. I used that little search box to the right. The only person who used the word "lie" is a trustees wife and no one has used the word "dishonesty."

    I do not now, nor have I ever believed anyone of our trustees stole anything. No one on this blog has said that either. I know trustees worked hard to get the roads in good shape. I appreciate the roads being in better shape now and I know it is the hard work of Roy, Bryan, Rick, and Boyd.

    Some trustees carried their personal anger and frustration into our business and into the board meetings and treated other trustees shabbily. That was uncalled for and happened repeatedly. It was unfair and led to two members taking over and conducting our business outside their authority and the board meetings.

    I will always stick up for what I think is right. Members must not allow board members to treat other broad members or lot owners with such disdain. If we can't express concern for our trustees here and ask why some are running things behind the scene without authroity, where?

    As far as talking about coming to meetings drunk or drinking--maybe you haven't come to many. It was so blatant at one time that Kristin had to ask other trustees not to drink DURING the board meeting--and they agreed not to do it again. When you go up to a trustee during a meeting and the smell of alcohol almost knocks you over--its not "judgmental" to wonder how well decisions are being made, its prudent to think about it.

    I hope you keep coming back and reading and posting and maybe you will see what I do here--care and concern for our neighbors and suggestions for self-governance that works and is fair for all.

  7. Calling someone's comments "junior high" is judgemental. "High and mighty" also sounds like a judgemental statement, maybe you should try to get to know the gal before you judge her.

    Why is there always someone who hates to listen to someone else have an idea. Roads are not that hard to figure out. Maybe a woman could do a better job? Who knows maybe the new Board will do a swell job. Would some be suprised if they do.

  8. This is the "twentieth century," everyone except the person who has been drinking knows why they shouldn't come to a meeting under the influence. Its not rude, its common sense. Don't drink and come to the meeting, its that simple. You will be a bigger asset to all of us if you come sober.

  9. I like to see all kinds of opinions presented on this blog. I don’t agree with some of them but I appreciate the venue. I am certain if the people (person) who represents themselves as “anonymous” would present her views on the intellectual field, we might come to the real cause of her consternation. It is kind of like forcing someone into AA or therapy. Until a person is ready to admit there is a problem, everyone else has the problem. . . . .

    I hope “unanimous” will run for the board. Too bad we don’t get to debate like they do in national elections.


Any one is allowed to make comments. You can use your real name and lot or an assumed name. Please be respectful of everyone, especially our trustees who donate a lot of work for us. Even if you believe they are not acting in our best interests or following our documents, stick to the facts--no name calling or innuendos and unfounded accusations. We want to set a good example for our trustees.