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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hey, turn in your neighbors

Its too bad that our neighbors feel compelled to "strike back" at their neighbors when they hold opposing opinions. What's up with that? Recently, someone once again tried to hurt one of our neighbors by turning them into the county as having "deserted" their property and development. She wrote about it on the comments page. In 2008 some neighbors "turned in" some of the CPO for various "infractions." The Building, planning and zoning official actually began to yell at one informer saying, "What is with you people in Hideaway? Can't you just leave your neighbors alone?" He then expalined that if they put their 'tattle-tailings' in writing with their name attached, he would think about investigating--but phone calls were not going to be accepted.

Here is a list of things Hideaway neighbors have turned their neighbors in for (some to the county, some to the state, some to the board):
Child abuse (this has happened a LOT in Hideaway--nothing has come of any of this)
Having a single wide mobile home (county refused to cite owner)
Trying to rent their land (county said there is no restriction in renting land)
Animal kennel infractions (county said our covenants ruled and they don't enforce our covenants)
Having a messy lot (county doesn't enforce our covenants)
Driving a heavy truck on the road and tearing it up
Having a shed that is too big
Working on cars on their lot
Dumping prohibited things in the trash (they had the wrong party)
Deserting their property
Living in their camper (there are no camping restrictions in county ordinances)
Not dumping their sewage from camper at least every two weeks (how one would know how often a toilet is dumped is hard to fathom---we know of one couple that had a porta potty but the informer didn't know that)

So if you think you are helping Hideaway by going after your neighbors, think again. We talk about Unity and being a good neighbor--then our feelings get hurt and we strike out. Read the discussion board below written by another HOA member (not Hideaway) and think twice before you try to build "Unity" by turning the other guy in.

Hey, turn in your neighbors: "I think I know why we have such a small turn out at our association meetings. Why would anyone want to attend when our ''neighbors'' are so quick to turn us in to the city for anything.

Recently, I and several other members of this association were turned into the city for various violations, at least according to the city. I will bet none of us were contacted prior to being turned in to. There is no better way to create disharmony in our neighborhood than this type of behavior.

It breeds contempt, and more importantly it breeds apathy. I dont plan to look out for my neighbors or this neighborhood if this type of behavior continues. Not to mention you are wasting my taxpayer dollars doing this! Talk to your neighbors! Dont turn them in!"