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Monday, November 4, 2013

So glad we have reasonable board members

I felt so sorry for this guy in his HOA--like Steve C says--we're only one election away from this!

Read about this old guy who got so fed up that he shot the secretary!!!! they took away his house over $640--true story!

Read about it here http://www.legalwritingpro.com/pdf/guberman-hoa

That shift has come at a price.Most HOA board members,who
are volunteers, fashion themselves as community representatives
or homeowner advocates. But a few board members are
hungry for power, their rule subject only to term limits, recall, or
rejection at the next ballot box. Corruption can be as unbridled
in HOAs as in big-city politics. HOA board members have been
caught fixing their own elections, finagling kickbacks for themselves
from contractors, and using their newfound authority to
settle scores against neighbors. Some residents claim, for example,
that after they’ve protested HOA policies at board meetings,
they’ve been slapped with citations for obscure rule violations,
such as putting their trash out on the wrong day or failing to
remove weeds around a tree.“The problem with HOAs is that it’s
a kangaroo court that resolves these conflicts,” said Evan
McKenzie, a University of Illinois at Chicago political science
professor and the author of Privatopia:Homeowner Associations
and the Rise of Residential Private

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