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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don’t question your HOA or you might get arrested

Here are some members who noticed some irregularities about their HOA budget--they tried to tell the board, but teh board did not listen. so they turned them in and got arrested!!! BUT, just as we have been saying--the IRS exonerated the members and the HOA was penalized for excess funds--budgets are budgets and need to be honored--if you don't understand how to do a budget--stop pretending! Our budget and assessments were not figured out properly and we want it addressed BEFORE the IRS looks at it or another member sues because you are double collecting. (taking both last years dues an this years for the same budget is double collecting!

read about this other HOA that had excess funds:

Frank and Stebbins accused two board members of “forgery” — essentially knowingly signing a false statement — which was probably also imprudent. According to a police affidavit, Frank told the investigator a “flagrantly false” board resolution related to the surplus was “used to deceive the community membership and government agencies concerning the improper disposition of millions of dollars of overcharged/surplus homeowner assessments.”
After an investigation, Henderson Police exonerated the board members and then arrested … Frank and Stebbins.
Yes, they were arrested in 2010 for filing a “false report of a crime.”
Henderson Police determined the board members didn’t knowingly sign false documents and so couldn’t be accused of forgery. Moreover, police said Frank and Stebbins had to have known their allegation was false and so should be prosecuted for filing a false police report.
Meanwhile, an IRS audit vindicated the claim of Frank and Stebbins that Sun City Anthem owes the U.S. Treasury more than $1 million for not returning it to the homeowners.

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  1. Budgets can be tricky and I did notice that the budget wasn't right. It's half of last year's. what I didn't get was that they had us vote on the assessment amount and not the budget--what was that all about? Also, if anyone would look at the by-laws, they say we should see a budget a month before we vote on it--but that never happened either. Don't you think members might have been able to spot the mistakes if the by-laws had been followed?--then we would not be in a budget crisis.

    Then we had a multiple choice on the ballot. why didn't the treasurer just tell us what this year would cost and we would vote? I don't understand why every board has to learn the same thing over and over--I thought the handbook was supposed to help stop this crap--did anyone read it? I know they didn't read the bylaws...


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