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Monday, May 7, 2012

Discussion: Reining in Bullies on Your HOA Board

Not that we have ever had a bullies on our board, but it is helpful to read about others who have board members that call meetings and don't post it for members--who hold executive and "emergency" meetings when not allowed--who don't keep minutes, and call the attorney whenever they want something addressed without board approval! Who would that be?

Speaking of which, Roy's term was up in April, so how come he is still on the board? Are ballots not legal documents in Hideaway? If Roy wants to be on the board, he needs to run in the July election. and why wasn't Tom, who ran and got a lot of votes, not appointed to the board as decorum and common sense would dictate? Do we have a bully on the board after all? read below how other associations deal with their bullies.

Discussion Forum Follow-Up: Reining in Bullies on Your HOA Board: "The problem is all too real. A reader on the HOAleader.com discussion board asks: "I am on the board of directors of our HOA, but the president is just running wild and not following any of the bylaws or CC&Rs and is holding private meetings with the board members she likes and ignores the rest of us. This is an older group of people, so they don't want to be bothered with meetings or anything upsetting, so she is getting away with all of it. How can she be stopped? She holds executive meetings and never does any minutes. We're about six months behind on board minutes, and she's spending money without any authorization. What can we do to stop this? Can it be reported to the state?""

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  1. My name is Ken and I am from Florida.My wife, kids and I live in a subdivision with an h o a that if I feel completely out of control. My wife has a home based business and she use to have a meeting at our house once a month. The president of the homeowners association told my wife she could not have her meeting there because she was incorporatanded and the cars were causing a disturbance. Which they were not.. However my wife stop having the meeting is at our house and started having them at our church. now everytime my wife has friends over a birthday party or any kind of family get together the board is assuming that she's having a party or a meeting. We have received 2 letters from attorneys stating there going to fine 100 dollars and we have 14 days to respond any suggestions


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