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Monday, January 25, 2010

Learn to Appreciate your POA Trustees

Here is a really good article about dealing with your HOA--tip number nine tells us to appreciate our board:
Top ten tips for dealing with your HOA: Relationships: "Learn to appreciate your board, as long as it is full of people who care. Many times the board members are there to help you resolve problems and to fix things for the best of the community. These people do not get paid for their positions, they simply volunteer what time they have to serve you and your community."
Let's let this current board know how much we appreciate the things they do for us--

* They do not curse in meetings
* They do not come to meetings drinking before or during
* They keep a schedule for both member meetings and board meetings, making it easier to plan to participate in our association business
* They do not have outbursts and throw tantrums and walk out of meetings without finishing business
* They do not threaten to quit every time they are frustrated
* They use agendas and stick to them
* They send clear informational communications,
* This board has all meetings in the open
* These trustees do not get up and make threatening moves to members or threaten to beat up other board members
* This board does not encourage members to verbally attack other members or fellow trustees,
* This board is letting members VOTE on what affects lot owners.
* This board is not sending every little thing to an attorney--costing the association up to $1000 a month--they are using common sense and reading the documents that affects us for themselves

This board understands the trust we have placed in them. Let's let them know how much we appreciate these things they are doing for us!

For all the board members that supported mature and well-run business practices, we thank you--past, present, and future volunteers. You know who you are.

We deeply thank the trustees who resepct us as members. Especially the trustees that respect us when we least deserve it. You are our treasures! We are greateful!


  1. Well don't you have just a perfect little board and you live in a perfect little valley where you play with unicorns and it rains colorful gum drops! I wish I could leave my town from hell and move there where it's just PERFECT!! You Utahans are definitely a different kind of breed. I was searching for recreational properties to buy in different states and came across this hideaway place. I started reading your blogs here and you seem like a corrupted little group. Aint it scary the things you find on GOOGLE this blog is just embarrassing to you folks. Good luck and may God bless you.

  2. Why become transparent now? Its so obvious who you are. Rather than unicorns, though, I see us at Hogwarts. If Hideaway were Hogwarts who would be who? I rather see Terry H as professor Dumbledore--trying to teach his charges how to do things properly. Cliff is Harry Potter who is often falsely accused but is pure of heart, loyal, Quidditch Seeker and captain; founder of Dumbledore's Army; winner of the Triwizard Tournament. Eric and Becky's family are so much like the Weasleys--kind and good and the salt of the earth. There are other characters too--who would be Phineas Black a good guy disowned for supporting Muggle rights? Kristin reminds me of Ginny Weasley, Shelly reminds me of Mordicus Egg – Author of The Philosophy of the Mundane: Why Muggles Prefer Not to Know? Who would Rita Skeeter be, the reporter of the Daily Profet who tells half truths misleading and inflaming everyone? How about Tom Riddle, a brilliant dashing young man, who later turns into the Lord Voldemort (he whom shall not be named) trying to take over the world? Frank Longbottom is reminiscent of Nelson and who would Draco Malfoy be--the one who wants in his heart to be loved but is seduced by the power of Voldemort? Severus Snape, Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, would of course be Tom Lefeve. Who would Dobby the House-elf be? How about Hagrid--the giant who befriends everyone good and is Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts? No unicorns here in Hideaway, but Muggles, wizards and mud-bloods galore. Thank you for your observations.

  3. I know who the person is who sarcastically says we live in a perfect little valley, --Lord Voltemort!

  4. It is unfortunate that the use of this blog is being used for the bashing of community instead of sticking to real issues that need to be taking care of like road maintenance, questions and concerns, etc. What is the point of having the Member to Member site and this Blog? Really you guys? Come on.

  5. Okay so I just posted my comment and it says it needs to be approved before it is visible. Why did you approve the previous two when those don't seem appropriate for this site at all? Anyone? Who approves them?

  6. Very cleaver in deed! It is like we have our own slice of fantasy novel right her and yet so close to copyright infringement but not quite.

    So you claim you found this place by searching Google? I think it is time you switched to a better brand of whatever you are smoking! It is highly unlikely you found the Member to Member site on Google while looking for land. If any followers of this blog doubt the claims listed above, try searching for land yourself. Try a search for recreational property in Utah = nothing. Refine the search to even recreational property in Sanpete County and still nothing about Hideaway. It is time for anonymous to come out of the closet.

    If you need a worthwhile property, try doing charity work. You will find by helping others your anger will fade, if you let it. If you continue to feed the contentious feelings you have, you will have more of them. You have so much anger that it consumes your time. Time is so precious and limited. Soon your health will fade and you will reach a point where you can no longer make a change. If you feed something positive, you will do much better with the rest of your life. I hope you realize this life is worth a lot more than trying to get even with someone or a group of people. Seems you have become distracted by the father of all lies and are wasting the most precious thing you have.

    Has anything you have tried worked? I will continue to watch, but for future reference, if you are going to lie, try working backwards, at least you will be a little more convincing.

  7. By looking at the comments it is clear that those who whined at the Members Meeting have no idea how blog sites work. Members were not censoring anyone; it is an automated web filter to protect security.

    Since _______ and ______ {names withheld for privacy} seem hung up on integrity, how about an apology from the group at the center table to the rest of the members who’s time you wasted?

  8. FYI--there is an automated feature for security and spam as the previous poster stated. However, the volunteers who oversee this site can and will censor if there is name calling, or big time disrespect, or ugliness--jabs that just hurt...

    This is a place to talk about issues, procedures, concerns about business and those who conduct it--we can whine, defend, use self-pity, ask questions as Leah did--vent and even use a little sarcasm as a venting tool. I'd rather see us do it here than waste our time in meetings like the last poster pointed out. And humor--I love the Hogwarts thing! No reason we can't chat and joke a bit. Humor is a part of what neighbors do, isn't it?

    The funny thing is, no one has ever been censored, as far as I know, until this blog entry! Gary certainly wasn't. A few folks did use a name or two on this post--and yes, they didn't get through.

    But the first amendment is still strong here and I like the bantering back and forth--even when I'm the target (just don't get too darn mean!).

  9. Man it is amazing to me how much time is wasted being bitter and angry, the previous board and a few "friends" act like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. If they would spend half as much time being friendly, and true neighbors they would feel better and the community would be stronger...we all came here to live in peace. I can certainly see there are several who have their own "agendas" and maybe they can pull the wool over some peoples eyes much like our president, but soon they will bankrupt us, take away our ability to vote and make our decisions, and we will be just another city block with neighbors on top of neighbors, and no freedoms. That is no way to live. I am about ready to build a cinder block wall, and a moat with crocodiles to stay out of all this bickering. I will die defending my rights as a land owner, I love it here, and as the saying goes...DON'T TREAD ON ME!!!


Any one is allowed to make comments. You can use your real name and lot or an assumed name. Please be respectful of everyone, especially our trustees who donate a lot of work for us. Even if you believe they are not acting in our best interests or following our documents, stick to the facts--no name calling or innuendos and unfounded accusations. We want to set a good example for our trustees.