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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

HVPOA Newsletter

I found the Newsletter easy to read. The font was large enough I didn't even need my glasses, the topics were well selected, and it was filled with valuable information. This is a Newsletter to save in the family file system.

I love the new meeting schedule. It should make it easier for many of us to attend. It was thoughtful to alternate between Sanpete and Utah Counties. And what a great idea to have the Board Meeting right after the Member's Meeting to reduce the number of trips for those who must travel.

With the election to be held January 23rd, I am sure many of us appreciated the article, "What does "Represented at a meeting mean?" and it was very helpful to have the legal forms necessary to designate a proxy or assign an agent included. With the election set for January 23rd, lets all make sure we take the necessary steps to make sure our vote is counted.

HideawayValley.org is up and running again. Great news! We were even given the User ID and password. Happy Day! When it comes to Property Owner's Associations, "No news is NOT good news." We all need to know first hand what is going on in our Corporation and this official site will give us access to all the Corporate documents and minutes.

Good to see efforts being made to reduce expenses. I like to see the extra fat trimmed off the budget. Our roads need lots of help, I will support reducing expenses so more of our money can be spent where it is needed most. We work hard for our money, our Trustees should wisely use the funds we have entrusted to them. It is nice to see our current Trustees understand the sacred trust we have given them in these tough economic times.

I can not agree more with the last article in the Newsletter. "Transparency is essential in buildng trust between lot owners and a governing board." We must never allow a governing board to limit or take away the right of inspection. Otherwise we are nothing more than slaves to the Corporation. We must live subject to the Covenants which are attached to our land, but we can minimize abuses through the requirement of transparency. As we prepare for the election in January, let us commit to voting for honorable men and women who will stand on principle and who will protect our right to be informed and who will represent OUR best interests.

Great Newsletter!

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  1. You are the best, always seeing and mentioning the good things you see and not just complaining about what you don't like! This is a virtue and makes me look at myself to cultivate the same!


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