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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Contributer

I am contributing to this blog because I am not a happy lot owner in Hideaway Valley. It amazes me what this current board is doing to our valley. I hope we can do something to stop the current board from all the crap they are getting away with...


  1. I can hear that you are not happy with the board, but can you be more specific? How exactly do you find fault? I think some of what they are doing is really good--like the road work but I am unhappy about not knowing when the meetings are, no minutes, and I have my suspicions that a few trustees have smeared other trustees to discredit them. I am unhappy that they do not work together. What was all this stuff about getting rid of Cliff? we were promised lower dues--we fought for lower dues. $50 lower? Big deal. These are empty lots here--we bought for recreation. I don't want to live in a condo with condo rules and paved roads with sidewalks--I want to camp.

    anyway--why are you unhappy?--this is my bitch.

  2. Tell me what crap?August 27, 2009 at 8:21 PM

    What crap?

  3. Well lets see. Trying to get rid of Cliff when you have accused him of not attending all the meetings when he has attended 85% of the meetings when Rick has missed at least half the meetings. Members of the board showing up drunk, members of the association showing up to board meetings drunk and harrassing 2 board members. Minutes being changed after the meeting, important actions being left out so as not to make certain board members look bad. Meetings cancelled because one board 2 board members can't be there and the President needs their votes, shall I go on.....

  4. I personally think that all the b!tching needs to stop and everyone needs to work together. If everyone would take responsibility for their own actions and property, we would not have the problems we are having. We do need to have the roads plowed in the winter, we do need to have garbage collection,we do need to have road maintenance FOR ALL THE ROADS, and for this we will need to pay. Do we need a Home owners association? Probalbly not. But we do need someone to over see all these needs. Yes EVERYONE needs to pay their share to have these services done. Stop all the bickering and just work to get the job done. EVERYONE needs to clean up the messes they have on their properties. ie... vehicles that do not run, old camp trailer or campers that are not usuable, all the trash that is laying around. Clean up after youselves and we would have a nicer looking valley. It is no wonder that so many losts and houses are for sale here. If I had to live here fulltime I would sell ou too... I can go to the city to see all the trash! I can turn on the TV to get enough fighting and bickering. Stop!! Everyone just STOP... life is to short to live this with this kind of B S.

  5. What you can't post a comment without adding your name

  6. Maybe you should be more concerned with what I had to say, than what my name is.

  7. People don't post their names because boards have been known to go after people who ask simple questions--if you don't buy into the party line then you get yelled at and accused of dividing the community. Try asking for simple records that the law clearly says you are entitled to--

    I asked for addresses in May--the law is clear, our by-laws are clear--the records are to be given to all members when requested for a legal purpose. My request was legal. What did the board do? They sent me addresses without city, state and zip. Did they think it was funny? i don't, I think its childish.

    I wonder what a judge would think?

    And I'll sign my name but i suggest you don't for obvious reasons. Shelly

  8. What is the correct address to send our assessment monies to?

  9. the correct address is:
    Treasurer of HVPOA
    HC 13 Box 3001
    Fairview, UT 84629

    you can also call the treasurer, Diana at 435 4691417

  10. Well the Old Crap seems to have RESIGNED in the Fairview Gym. It's amazing BUT it would seem that ol Judson Knew Something was NOT right . Gravel For The Roads ... Keep The Trash OUT and then Live Well and Prosper. Simple and efficient and lots less to question and fight over. Oh and remember when in Doubt ask Boyd Williams ... he may be a little Country BUT that Old Man is pretty smart. On a closing note Witham's Paid every cent they ever owed AND sure did start the ball moving to Get a New Association and a New Board and Lots of NEW Transparency. OK well keep it simple and Keep The Gravel Coming OK ... Hey Thanks Boyd YOU ARE THE MAN !!!


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