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Friday, August 28, 2009

”Except to Move, Sue or Stay & Pray what can they do?"

 Here is a great blog about not blaming the homeowner for not getting involved. We bought a piece of recreational property--NOT bought into a political activist group!!! but since we bought in, if we don't participate--the few will rule the roost and charge you for their personal preferences--read this blog--its eyeopening!

Sure, if the homeowners were all alert and become homeowner activists, things could be different... But remember, they bought a HOME, not an enterprise for political activism. Most people just want to live their lives quietly and peacefully and you can't blame them for not rising up. Remember also that many live in constant fear. Even those of us who have chosen to rise up against the evils of the HOA don't get actively involved in most other political struggles.
Blaming the homeowners in their plight is equivalent to accusing a woman that was raped for not being careful or not fighting back. Indeed, she might have saved herself had she been more cautious and aggressive, but she is not the criminal, the rapist is!”

As the discussion progressed, it was pointed out that this was the infamous HOA where Mr. Glassel made front page news for taking a shotgun to the meeting & shooting 3 members of the board. I thought, wouldn’t these homeowners be even more scared to attend the meetings? Wouldn’t they be less likely to be involved? So with this in mind, I ventured to ask…
Read the whole article by licking here

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