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Friday, October 9, 2015

Murray American flag fiasco dies down as HOA president resigns |

I am so glad to see other HOAs in Utah raising up against the Bully Boards. Its time to unite across the country and say, "Hey new board member--YOU are my neighbor. We are business partners--we can talke to each other without lawyers. We can repsect each other and have common sense--if I ask you to serve on the board, I want you to remember that you are serving this business not turning to Gated Gestapo" We can get along, but it starts with each one of us! Read this great story of HOA victory below.

Murray American flag fiasco dies down as HOA president resigns | News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KUTV: "Murray, Utah — (KUTV) A fight over the American flag in a Murray neighborhood has ended with a white flag.

Six days after a heated confrontation, this battle in the Chestnut Place neighborhood appears to be over.

The Homeowners Association president has resigned, and the resistance against the American flag flying outside of holidays seems to be lessened.

"I wanted to fly my flag and not be harassed for it," said Erin Worthen, a resident of the neighborhood. "That's all I've wanted from the beginning.""

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