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Saturday, September 19, 2015

HOA, homeowner at odds over dinosaur display |

Here's an article about a woman who thinks diversity in an associaiton is a good thing--she's using dinosaurs to prove her point--now she'll get fined and punished! Want to make a bet?

I think we have some dinosaurs in our POA.. read the story below.

HOA, homeowner at odds over dinosaur display | Fort Bend Southwest Star Newspaper: "Not everyone is happy about the dinosaurs, though. There has been some push back from the community – namely, the New Territory Residential Community Association. The area HOA wants the dinosaurs gone.
Hentschel said she brought them in knowing that they would not be uniform – a quality she believes the HOA wants homeowners to abide.
Her view is that uniformity and conformity do not add value to a community; people add value to a community. She thinks people together, can do great things for the community. And the people who have spoken to her understand the concept of community and want it."

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