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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Emergency Meeting Called by the Board -

Emergency Meeting Called by the Board - hideawayvalley@gmail.com - Gmail: "If people are spending our money without authorization-isn't that theft or embezzlement?  They should be arrested.  They should be made to pay the association back, and pay for the spending themselves.  If we have to take them to court, they should be made to pay for all lawyer fees and court costs.
If the Board is acting inappropriately, we should be able to have a recall election or be able to impeach them.   And, they should not be able to run for office or hold office again.  I can't believe that Roy Walker was able to run again and hold office after the last time he was elected and cost the association a lot of money in lawyer fees.  If we don't have the rules to keep the trouble makers out of office, we should correct this problem.  (If they don't like it, they can sell their lots and move out.  We would be better off without them, then to keep putting up with what they are doing.)
Dennis S. Naylor
Lot D410"

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  1. Dennis--this is exactually what the new board is trying to do--Roy has got the bank account, and the mail and refuses to give them to the new board. He is the king of Hideaway at the moment--they have a speicalist coming in tonight at 5 to address this and do exactly what you are saying--recall Roy--Roy and Brian will not attend board meetings, are keeping the check book, and saying the election was invalid--they are in charge and won't do anythig untill sept!!. So members are livid that their votes don't count and are petitioning to get Roy out once again! This time the new board promises to offer an amendment to the bylaws that will not allow someone to run again for 5 years after thy have been voted off--I think we need it. please come to the meeting tonight that the board called. Lets stop this nonsense


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