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Friday, May 29, 2015

We will help Roy if Roy will help the Association

Another board meeting has been called to deal with some issues:

Hideaway Valley Property Owners Association
Board of Trustees MeetingAll Members WelcomeSaturday, May 30th, 1:30p.m.Hideaway Valley Pavilion / Common Area
  • 1. Status of Association Documents/Checkbook/Mail
  • 2. Discussion of future course of action
  • 3. Update on road work

Important to go to this meeting

t's pretty important to go to this meeting. The prior board president is trying to claim that he is still the president and everything the new trustees have done is not valid. Roy has tried many tricks to stay in power:
  • After sending the ballots at your expense, he hired a lawyer with your money to try and stop the counting of the ballots and annual election.
  • Would not seat the new trustees at the annual meeting claiming they could not be seated until May 1.
  • A board meeting was called and noticed for April 27 and the officers positions were established. Roy was not happy with the results and chose to abandon the meeting taking all the corporate documents, checkbook, and records with him. Brian Cook chose to stay but was less than cooperative or congenial. Although he was voted in as the VP,  he refused the office and abstained from further voting.
  •  Without board authority or approval and unbeknownst to the newly elected trustees, got some other members to go over all the ballots and try to invalidate them with any tiny mistake they could find. 
  •  First he claimed that Kurtis and Vicki had not won the election and only Becky could be seated.
  • Later he claimed that Kurtis and Viki were valid but Becky was not.
  • Because he is trying to stifle the association as has been his pattern in the past, he has made efforts to stop any information or progress that the board should make, including personally interfering with the association mail at the post office without any legal documentation.
Our board needs our support to help rectify this problem. Roy is basically doing what he wants when he wants without board authority, contrary to the governing doucments.  Although there have been several board meetings, some he has partially attened and some he has blatently ignored, nothing he is doing has been decided in a proper board meeting with board authority-he appears to have gone rouge-- in total wanton disreagard to the membership at large. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO DO BUSINESS AND SPEND OUR MONEY WIHTOUT PROPER BOARD ACTION. 
He is acting like a dictator, not a trustee. He fails to achknowlege that a trustee is a position of trust and service not power.

There has been no proper board meeting or action to allow this man to do as he pleases with our business, our money, and our community. This is totally improper and unnecessary--there are proper channels to go through if you disagree with things--but turning into a modern day bully who chooses to hoard records and checkbooks and won't let newly voted members take their turn at service...this is a blatant breach of trust.

As to to Peter Harrison/Vial Fotheringam, please be advised: There have been legally and properly called and held meetings that Roy Walker has not attended. At the April 27th board  meeting which Roy chose to walk out of, the newly elected and seated board voted and recorded in the corporate minutes that any expenses incurred by Roy without full board approval would be at his own expense. He currently is acting on his own and does not have authority to hide records, retain the check book, tell the book keeper not to talk to the board members, open ballets and show them to the neighbors, freeze the mail, and including talking to you and/or this firm. This is a state governed corporation with compulsory membership and close to 450 people are being victimized and mistreated at his whim. If he wants to contest anything, he must do it through the proper procedure, something he chooses not to understand. He is opening the association up to yet another lawsuit when it is so unnecessary to waste our money. Please do not encourage him.

One concernd member's opinion, Tom L

PS. Please try to attend and support this board for progress.


  1. This is not Roy Walker's first Rodeo. He knows he has an elected position. He also knows that the Members can vote him off at anytime. What is it that Roy doesn't want the new board to see? Why are we not able to see the check book? Why are we not able to see the drafts of the new CC&Rs?

    This is a complete farce. Mr. Walker and his two side kicks are totally ignoring our governing documents. We the membership needs to stand up and be counted. At every turn the complaint changes. Mr. Walker needs to put on his big boy pants and accept defeat, either he works with the newly elected trustees or he can resign, again.

  2. I am not going to say who I am as I dont' want Roy to make life difficult for me, but this is stupid. Didn't we vote him off in 2012? How did he get back in again? In 2011 he sued the association until he got back on the board and then dropped the suit. After he was voted off he petitioned to get the association dissolved! As soon as he got back on the board he began calling those secret meetings of his...he does not understand how to run a meeting or a corporation--At the members meeting this year he kept saying we had to go into receivership.

    Aren't you people sick of this man? -if he is not on the board and in control of the checkbook, he is talking about putting us in receivership, dissolving us or suing us. Enough is enough. Roy step down and stop costing us money. There is something wrong with someone who has to be in charge or he threatens to bring down an organization. I have definitely had enough.

  3. Sounds like Roy just isn't fond of sharing. I think he needs to step down and we shouldn't allow him or his buddy's to run ever again. He has not done any good for us, he spends our money on things with out letting us know of it. He hides things from us. I say counter with what he owes us back, he spent our money without permission. Not saying who I am, don't want any extra drama coming my way. But Roy needs to get out of his position and stay OUT, if he doesn't like it he can move, sounds to me like he doesn't have many supporters here anyways. Also his buddy's who are also not helping should not be allowed in there positions as well, if he take it to court because he isn't on the board we have more then enough to win, he isn't good and is just looking for something to do he gets joy out of doing this.


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