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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Learning to love my HOA

Here's a funny article on learning to love the HOA. Here at the Member to Member sight we do a lot of critical analysis and education (some call complaining and indoctrination)--and its good to get a bit of a laugh in and look at the good side of HOA (POA) governance. Here is a cute article--you may want to read the whole thing--click through, its brief and funny:

Learning to love my HOA: "I have mixed emotions about neighborhood homeowners associations, or HOAs. I don't really want anybody telling me what I can and can't do with my own property. On the other hand, I definitely want someone telling my neighbors what they can and can't do.

In the past, I've been critical of my own HOA. For two years, I battled the president and his henchmen - I mean, the board - over a portable basketball goal, which they said was prohibited by the covenants. I maintained it wasn't. The stalemate was broken when the board resigned and the president was exiled to the isle of Elba, off the coast of Italy.

Excuse me, wrong megalomaniac. Actually, I think he still lives in the neighborhood, keeping a low profile. As a postscript to that story, many of my neighbors now have portable basketball goals, just because they can."

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