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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why we allow members to post anonymously.

Hello Friends, Family, and neighbors,

I'm Rachel LeFevre, one of the administrators of our community website, blog, and notifications and this won't be anonymous. This site allows members to post anonymously for an important reason. Its called protection. Why do we need portection? Well, think about it--this site has been inactive (most members were pretty content with low dues and good roads) for about 10 months now. Then with the very first objection to an action of the board--the collections resolution--the board called an emergency meeting! Why, was there a fire, heart attack, shots fired? No, a letter was sent by a concerned member trying to inform members of both sides of the resolution so they could make an informed vote. Concerned members contacted the board on a point of order as to voting without a complete information about the resolution. Whether you agree or not, what is the problem with open discussion?

Members are cautious about identifying themsleves becasue of boards that act rashly whenever members have differeing opinons. So it makes sense that if we want members to feel free to express their opinions without reprecussions, we allow them to withhold their name.

We've posted on the blog about collectins resolutions and a number of member comments--why don't you read what other members have to say (both sides-click here) and feel free to come to the meetings. Next one is Feb 25th in Mt Pleasent at 10am.

As in the past, all opinons are welcome, we only edit out mean and attacking comments--but all opnions are welcome. So please share with the new and old members.  

Concerned   Rachel  LeFevre

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