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Monday, March 28, 2011

Be A Good Neighbor- Responsible Pet Ownership

Hi All, We have lived in Hideaway Valley for almost 4yrs. Those of you who have gotten to know me, know that I am a passionate person when it comes to my animals. I work very hard to be responsible and do not expect everyone to share my beliefs or my passions. However I do expect people to RESPECT other peoples property, by keeping their dogs on THEIR property! I am writing this with regards to the problem of stray dogs here in our community. Years ago people were quick to say they were a certain persons dogs who lived within our community, but he no longer lives here nor do his dogs. I have had major issues lately with dogs coming onto my property harrassing my dogs. These are NOT stray dogs, I have watched them run home to their yards after I have chased them off my yard. I know where they live, I know they are not current on vaccines, and many are not spayed/neutered. I have thousands and thousands invested in my dogs, my dogs are all current on vaccines by a licensed veterinarian, they are all dewormed monthly, microchipped, current on heartworm prevention and most importantly CONTAINED. They do not leave my property without me being with them. I know that many people do not take the time or spend the money to care for their animals properly here. Many are not vaccinated, nor are they spayed/neutered. This transmits disease, parasites and adds to the stray problem. Rabies is not only an animal issue, but it is an issue that concerns the safety of humans as well. It is required by law that any dog/cat over 4mo of age be vaccinated for rabies. I have had major issues with a wolf/husky mix wearing an orange collar coming onto my property trying to get INTO my kennels to attack my dogs. This dog was responsible for killing a pomeranian last summer. I also know this dog chases horses and harrasses goats at a neighbors. I have made numerous attempts to contact the owners, as I know where this dog lives. Another dog- female black lab mix comes over here constantly, following cars, coming over to play with my dogs. This dog is not vaccinated for rabies and is also not spayed. Another dog- black tricolored Australian Shepherd, who chases the school bus, cars and also comes onto my property to defecate is also an owned dog. People do not realize that even if a dog is vaccinated, it can still carry diseases and having these dogs come onto my property puts my CONTAINED animals at risk. Rabies is also not only a concern for animals, but for humans too, and with the wildlife around here, it is something we should all be concerned with. Unless those of you allowing your dogs to run free would like to pay to replace my dogs should they get injured, or killed from your negligence, or if you would like to be sued should your dog bite one of my children, I suggest you keep them CONTAINED on YOUR property. It is not just a common courtesy issue, it is a legal liability and a safety issue. I am well within my rights to protect my home, property and family (including my animals) should people not keep their dogs on their property, they will be shot on sight should they come onto mine. Be a good neighbor, do not expect someone else to deal with your animals. I do not want them here, it is NOT my responsibility to call you when they show up, nor is it my responsibility to clean up after them. Please vaccinate your dogs, please spay and neuter to help keep them home, and please keep them on YOUR property!!!!! Melissa Zobell


  1. Thanks M--I feel the same darn way!!!!

    I worry that the big dos will attack my little guys. thanks for the article.

  2. Here is what the state law says about animals injuring/harrassing other animals and what can legally be done about it...

    Title 18. Dogs. Chapter 1. Injuries by Dogs.

    § 18-1-1. Liability of owners--Scienter--Dogs used in law enforcement

    Every person owning or keeping a dog shall be liable in damages for injury committed by such dog, and it shall not be necessary in any action brought therefor to allege or prove that such dog was of a vicious or mischievous disposition or that the owner or keeper thereof knew that it was vicious or mischievous; but neither the state nor any county, city, or town in the state nor any peace officer employed by any of them shall be liable in damages for injury committed by a dog when: (1) The dog has been trained to assist in law enforcement, and (2) The injury occurs while the dog is reasonably and carefully being used in the apprehension, arrest, or location of a suspected offender or in maintaining or controlling the public order.

    Laws 1971, c. 29, § 1.

    § 18-1-2. Dogs acting together--Actions--Parties--Judgment

    Where any injury has been committed by two or more dogs acting together and such dogs are owned or kept by different persons, all such persons may be joined as defendants in the same action to recover damages therefor, and the amount found by the court or jury as damages for such injury shall be apportioned among the several defendants found liable and judgment shall be entered severally against them for the amount so apportioned.

    Codifications R.S. 1898, § 71; C.L. 1907, § 71; C.L. 1917, § 113; R.S. 1933, § 24-0-2; C. 1943, § 24-0-2.

    § 18-1-3. Dogs attacking domestic animals, assistance animals, hoofed protected wildlife, or domestic fowls

    Any person may injure or kill a dog while:

    (1) the dog is attacking, chasing, or worrying:
    (a) a domestic animal having a commercial value;
    (b) a service animal, as defined in Section 62A-5b-102; or
    (c) any species of hoofed protected wildlife;

    (2) the dog is attacking domestic fowls; or

    (3) the dog is being pursued for committing an act described in Subsection (1) or (2).

    Laws 1933, c. 17, § 1; Laws 1973, c. 27, § 1; Laws 2000, c. 302, § 1, eff. May 1, 2000; Laws 2007, c. 22, § 1, eff. April 30, 2007.

    People it all boils down to COMMON COURTESY, if you have a dog be responsible and keep it contained within YOUR property, that is all I ask to protect the safety of my kids and my animals.

  3. Here is the Sanpete County Ordinances regarding animal safety/liability/rabies vaccinations...
    County Code Provisions Related to Animal Control

    >> Anne Arundel County Code

    Article 12, Title 4, Subtitle 4-102 Public Safety Threat

    An animal poses a public safety threat if the animal:

    * Inflicts severe injury to a person
    * Bites a person
    * Kills or inflicts severe injury to a domestic animal
    * Attacks a person without provocation, chases or approaches a person in an attitude of attack
    * Engages in encouraged dog fighting activity or shows evidence of having been engaged in encouraged dog fighting activity

    Article 12, Title 4, Subtitle 6-601 Rabies Vaccination

    Anyone who owns or harbors a cat or dog 4 months of age or older must have the animal vaccinated for rabies and be able to provide proof of vaccination.

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  6. Once again we have disrespectful writers to the blog. Pay attention to the rules and we will publish any opinion--do not name call, make personal attacks, insinuate that someone is inbred. Keep it clean and stick to the facts. Calling someone a "coward" because they post on the blog in order to reach a lot of people is not acceptable. Some people may think its OK to have dogs run free and go to other's properties but for someone to state facts and ask for others to constrain their dogs is not cause for attacks--state what you want to state without rancor and we will publish anything--name call and act like a three year old--"you do it too, and we're turning you into the county--na na na" Come on, is it really helpful?

  7. You know, right after I read Melissa's blog, I looked outside and two dogs were running in my yard! One was a blue merle--very young and the other was yellowish--like a pointer. I don't like dogs crapping my yard either.

    she has a point, so can we stick to that point and see how we can a help each other with the obvious dog problem in Hideaway and stop attacking each other. If I tell you your dog is lose on my property are you going to say I'm a bad neighbor??? For pointing it out? Or are you going to seek a solution with me? If my dogs were running on your property I would expect them to disappear someday.
    anyway, I love dogs but don't like the ones that use my place for their outhouse...

  8. Condsidering the FACT that I did not say I would ever shoot a dog for defecating on my place, does not mean I do not have the right to defend my home, property, children or animals should a "stray" dog come onto my property and threaten to harm them. It is my legal right. Read the laws! For those of you who are curious, be careful what you say, because without the FACTS name calling and accusations without proof are considered slanderous and you could be liable. I have vet records for EVERY animal on my property. My dogs are ALL current on vaccines by a licensed VET, not feed store vaccines. They are all current on DA2PP, CV, BV and RABIES. They are also dewormed monthly, current on heartworm prevention, and microchipped. Not to mention I do not feed garbage food either, No Old Roy crap for my dogs. They are fed premium food as recommended by my VET. My breeding dogs have had ALL their genetics testing done, I have tested them for PRA, MDR1, HC, and Eye's cerf yearly, OFA- hips/elbows. They have plenty of room to run in their 20 x 24 kennels, plus they get time to play with us when we are out there. So those of you who have accused me of being a "puppy mill" I would like to know how many "puppy mills" have you actually personally visited? My puppies go to screened homes, on strict contracts, and in my 30yrs in the dog industry, and 9yrs breeding this breed I have only sold 5 dogs with breeding rights, the rest have gone as spayed/neutered pets. All my puppies are also microchipped, so should they ever end up in the shelter (which is a breech of my contract) then I get the call and can reclaim the dog. I have done rescue for over 13yrs and in that time rescued/placed over 5000 dogs and over 1000 cats. All went out already spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. I have been on the forefront cleaning up the messes that irresponsible pet owners and breeders create. Be careful what you say and accuse. Many dogs here are rescues, and are SPAYED/NEUTERED, and contained. The rest of the dogs are being shown in conformation, and when their age appropriate health testing is done will be bred with the best interest of the breed at heart. This is not a money making venture, because when it is all out on paper, I am lucky to break even. I wrote the blog because no matter how many times I tried to be the nice neighbor and put up with it, tried to work with the owners of the dogs, it falls on deaf ears. I guess if people would just keep their dogs at home, on their property, they would never have a thing to be concerned with would they? But some people seem to think the dogs have more rights than the humans and feel it is ok for them to wander, procreate indescriminately, spread disease, be a road hazzard, etc...I think we are all smarter than that and can do right by our animals and our neighbors..Melissa Zobell

  9. The animal story interests me as a small framed woman. I was raised in a different country where abject poverty was the norm. In my country, we had to raise dogs for food when there was no other choice. Today I really do not like dogs and I cannot stand the site of them stemming from issues from my childhood. Today I have horses. Not for the same reasons but because I love them! I moved to Hideaway because, in part, there were no restrictions on animals.

    We had a member a few years back who had so many dogs it made me crazy. I did not like to even go down his street because I felt so sorry for his dogs. I don’t think he was running a puppy mill and I could not figure out why he had so many dogs. I could hear the barking from all over. The barking would interrupt my afternoon naps and I would have flashbacks of having to boil dogs or starve. I know Melissa does not run a puppy mill and I know she loves her dogs and they come in the house at night. Her dogs may bark when there is a reason but they are quiet most of the time. Dogs are a good judge of people and it bothers me when neighbors keep warring with different people.

    I did notice one thing about this petty little war. The same neighbor keeps going to war with various members of our association. A few years ago it was with a man he did not life for seemingly obvious reasons. In 2009 it was a Trustee, now it is Melissa. Please can’t we all just get along and live in peace without calling the county when we cannot command our will on everyone. Talk about Hideaway being a blight on Sanpete County. If we are see as a problem perhaps it is because we keep calling and whining about every little thing that displeases us. In the country of my youth we did not want to call attention to ourselves because we could just disappear. That was just the way it was in a communist nation. Today I love the Freedom of America and I simply do not understand why people cannot rely on themselves. When this society collapses we are going to need each other just to survive. We are in Hideaway for a reason and perhaps those dogs will come in handy again.


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