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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boards Operating Correctly-Road Issues

Letter requesting a road issue to go before board
On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 4:34 PM, Elmer Qi wrote:

Hello there, this is Zong Han Qi and Cathy Qi, the owner of Lot 490; the reason I am writing this letter is get a request for HOA to do road matinee on Mountain Hollow Drive in front of Lot E-490. From what it looks like the road in front of E-lot 490 has been damaged for a long time and filled with big Rocks. And right now the only safe way to get into my property is by 4-wheeler or Dirt Bike. And I have driven through the entire valley; this portion of the road is one of the worst. Please let me know if HOA will consider my request, thank you so much for all you help.

Letter sent to board becasue we could not present this to them:
Sent: Fri, October 23, 2009 10:35:37 AM
Subject: Fwd: Road In front of E Lot -490

Dear Tom (Secretary) and board members,

Thank you for a particularly well-run board meeting.

Below is an email from a member. Diana was going to present it to the board at open forum for members, but becasue of the fast shut down after Cliff spoke up with no open forum offered, she was not able to present it. Please put it on the agenda for the next board meeting.

Thank you.

Response to request to put Qi's letter on next agenda.
Hi Diana,
Sorry you did not get to present the e-mail you had at the meeting. It would have been nice if you would have given us a heads up. We could have looked at the problem and addressed it.
I drove my pickup in 2 wheel drive up to lot E 490, yesterday. The lot right next to it (E 491), had two big camp trailers set up on it. If lot E491 owners could get to their lot with camp trailers I have a hard time believing the owners of lot E490 could only get to their lot with 4 wheelers and dirt bikes.
While I realize the road "Mountain Hollow Drive" needs work, there are a lot of roads that need work. We have limited funds. As soon as we can, I will try to get it taken care of. I myself, would like to make sure everyone in Hideaway Valley has a descent road, and can get to their property. That's what "road maintenance" should mean and everyone pays the same. The road maintenance has been little to none in the last few years and most everyone knows why, but we will not go into that. Our roads are in terrible shape and will take years at the rate we are financially able to repair them.


My response to Roy
Hi Roy,
Thank you for your quick response to this road issue and for writng such an informative letter.

Just a few issues in your letter that I want to comment on. I honestly believe that I am not responsible to give the board a "heads up" on issues that need to to be presented during the "members forum" at the end of a normal board meeting. This is not a members responsibility but the chairperson who is conducting the meeting. I waiting after the meeting to give this to you but all the board members were busy talking to someone and didn't want to interrupt, after 10 minutes I left.

Your response to Qi sounds like a slap in the face, definitely all our roads need to be worked on but if he is not comfortable going on his road with only a four wheel drive he shouldn't be criticized. We don't know how the other lot owner got his trailers on his lot and shouldn't compare him to Mr. Qi.

Wasn't his road one of the ones that board said they were going to work on this year and instead worked on that road up by your place?

However, it is great that your have been allowing us to have open conversations with you on these issues.

Thank you for your interest in Mr. Qi's email.



  1. Dear Roy, If your roads to get to your house were in that condition, would you smile and pay your assessments? Or ask pointed questions?

  2. Hey, ya all. just found this web site, kind of humorous at times. I too read Mr. Qis concerns, got right on my computer and went to google earth--heck now, that road don't look so bad at all from my satellite view. Whats the matter with Mr. Qi? Ya all just get along. and never you mind. If he would only visit his property from google earth he'd never get cold. What do you want to put up with the mud for anyway?

  3. As a trustee I am shocked and appalled at the attitude of other board members. We have a new member of the association (albeit compulsory) and he was not treated with the respect he deserves. If a member cannot access his/her lot then we as a board should make sure that each and every member has equal access. After all, we ask (demand) that each and every member pay the same although they do not receive equal services.

    For those who say that Mr. Qi saw and the signs where snow plowing stops and bought anyway, I ask them to take a look at Mr. Walkers lot (D409). He has snow plowed past his house and it is close to a mile past the no snow removal sign.

    I do like the “Google Earth” idea. If you look at my lot from space there is nothing there, not even a fence. I would not have to face putting chains on my truck to go winter camping. I would not have to deal with two months of mud so slick that things slide down hill even when parked. In fact, why don’t we all access out lots from space. We would no longer have to pay for trash services and road “maintenance” for the “flat-landers” and we could all meet in a cyber cafĂ© somewhere east of Rod Serling’s place.

    Clifford Johnson


Any one is allowed to make comments. You can use your real name and lot or an assumed name. Please be respectful of everyone, especially our trustees who donate a lot of work for us. Even if you believe they are not acting in our best interests or following our documents, stick to the facts--no name calling or innuendos and unfounded accusations. We want to set a good example for our trustees.